Building Your Dream

What We Do

Maple Island Log Homes provides the handcrafted log work shell for the home. Our group of talented, experienced log builders fabricate and engineer your project. We are not set up to be general contractors for construction, but can recommend a contractor, or we can also advise your contractor. We would educate them on finishing techniques and specifications unique to log construction. Our blueprints also highlight the details required of a contractor during home finishing.


This is one of most important questions we are asked. Unfortunately there’s no simple single answer. Handcrafted log homes typically cost somewhat higher than, stick-frame construction. Since finished costs often vary by location, as well as by the choices in finishing details on a custom-built home, we can only provide a range of prices based on feedback from contractors and home owners. Today, finished costs on a contracted and complete house might price out between $225 and up to $375 per square foot. However, we have found that some clients who finish their own home, have been able to do so for less. Ingenuity can sometimes prevail over a smaller budget.


Maple Island Log Homes can provide an estimate based on sketches or photos with relative ease. The estimate would typically be based on providing the log walls, log framing systems for the second floor and roof, log gable ends, trusswork, log framing for porches, log staircases, log dormers, etc. Our price would include delivery and re-erection of the log components at the building site. Depending on the complexity of the design and location of the project, a   handcrafted log home package might price out between $60 and $80 per square foot.

We itemize the logwork estimate to give a detailed breakdown for all the log components as well as delivery and re-erection services. We can tailor the design and components to fit your budget.


Each handcrafted Maple Island log home is a one-of-a-kind project. Our designers love new creative challenges and are accustomed to simplifying plans to better accommodate your budget. They are also superbly talented when a project has no pre-set budget limit. Our design staff can offer an amazing range of innovative ideas if you don’t know where to begin.

Most often the plans are created by an architect or begin with a pre-existing plan that has been modified to fit your specific needs. Maple Island offers a selection of standard plans to serve as thought starters for a new home design, click here for floor plan ideas. We rarely duplicate these plans as designed. There is no real cost advantage in building from an existing plan.


Use the following breakout of standard bid components as an approximate guide for your Maple Island log home. Then we will provide a preliminary estimate for your project, but a detailed bid can only be developed once exact requirements and specifications are established.

  • Perimeter log walls and any interior log partitions or walls that may be required or requested.
  • Full log gable ends.
  • Log purlin roof framing systems, engineered for specific structural loads.
  • All tie logs.
  • Porch roof framing systems, including purlins and vertical log posts.
  • Full log dormers.
  • Log trusses and customized log framing systems.
  • Log joists for second floor.
  • Supervisors and assistance for logwork reconstruction (excluding travel)


In some ways, log homes are built just like any other home. The same steps apply; site excavation, foundation, sub-floor, framing, and finish work. But handcrafted log homes are also unique. They are quite labor intensive. When logs arrive at our log yard, they are hand peeled using a traditional drawknife. No machine can do what our log crafters do.

We use only full-length red pine logs, up to fifty feet long, harvested in northern Michigan. Each timber is individually scribed, notched and fitted into position. Considerable skill is required to make sure that the notching of each log is perfect. This traditional scribing technique is nearly a lost art. Of course, it’s more difficult and time-intensive, but the results are clearly superior.

We pre-build your log home shell at our log yard, then disassemble it and ship it to your site. At that point, all the heavy lifting of creating the home has already been done. Upon arrival at your home site, we re-erect the log framing portion in a matter of a few days. Most homes take very little time to reassemble. For example, it is estimated that a crew and crane can set a 2,000 square foot home in about two or three days.


Trucking of the logs to our home building site is done by a licensed hauler. The cost is based on your location. Shipping estimates are available upon request.


Because custom handcrafted log homes are generally more costly to build, many companies promote DIY projects to save money. Certainly a well-informed experienced home owner/builder can take this route. However, it’s been our experience that most owners lack the time, knowledge, skill and contacts to complete a project. For all but the most skilled, we recommend using a professional builder.

We may be able to provide tips or assistance in finding a qualified log home builder. We are also available to answer questions and communicate directly with your chosen builder.

You’ll need to contract with the builder or contractors of your choice for installation of all plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, cabinetry, flooring, tile and wall coverings.


Maple Island Log Home’s chosen interior design staff custom designs many unique homes for clients each year. Occasionally a home buyer may elect to enlist the services of a favored designer or architect. We are also happy to work with your team.

Landscape design is also your responsibility. Most owners contract a licensed landscape architect for plans, designs, and installation.


A supervisor and an assistant from Maple Island Log Homes will be on-site to coordinate the arrival of trucks and to re-erect your logwork shell. The contractor or owner typically also provides a crew to assist. A local crane will also be required and is not included in your log home bid. Log homes to be completed within Michigan are frequently re-erected by the Maple Island crew using our crane service. The cost for this service is bid based on your site location, size of the home and site conditions.


It will be a magical day when you move into your Maple Island log home. It’ll be the culmination of months of design, construction and finish work, and perhaps decades of dreaming. You’ll be able look at the finished product and finally say, home at last!

It’s time to begin the journey to owning one of the finest log homes in America, a Maple Island handcrafted log home. Call us now at 231.821.2151 or email to get started.