About Maple Island Log Homes

To watch what it’s like to build a Maple Island Log Home, view this video.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship:

For 45 years, Maple Island Log Homes has been the largest handcrafted log home company east of the Rockies. Our custom log homes have graced remote forests, mountainsides, waterfront properties, and urban sites worldwide. Each home was a testament to our dedication to quality and unique, handcrafted design.

Expert Craftsmanship:

Our timber smiths, skilled in the art and science of log construction, ensured that each log retained its natural beauty and grain. Hand-peeled using drawknives, our logs provided a distinctive, authentic appearance, giving each home a unique personality.

Transition to Restoration:

As we close the chapter on building new log homes, our commitment to preserving the legacy of Maple Island craftsmanship continues. We proudly refer you to American Log Restoration, where many former Maple Island employees bring their expertise to maintain and restore our homes. They use the same techniques that set us apart, ensuring the highest quality results.

Comprehensive Restoration Services:

American Log Restoration offers extensive repair and restoration services and also provides matching hand-peeled pine logs for any necessary replacements, maintaining the authenticity of your Maple Island home.

Preserving Your Dream:

With over 1,000 handcrafted residential and commercial log structures in our history, Maple Island’s expertise and dedication to quality craftsmanship live on through American Log Restoration. Trust them to care for your log home with the same passion and precision.

Contact Us:

For more information on maintaining and restoring your Maple Island log home, visit American Log Restoration ( Let the experts preserve the beauty and strength of your handcrafted log home.